Calculate the pay of seconded and impatriated/expatriate employees

Inter and intra-company training

Who is the training for?

Toute personne en charge des salaires: responsable de PME/PMI, gestionnaire de paie, fiduciaire, cabinet comptable, secrétariat social, etc.

Level reached



4,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



Maîtriser le calcul fondamental des salaires ou avoir suivi la formation " Etablir un bulletin de paie et gérer les salaires "


  • Establish the pay slip for an employee seconded abroad and an impatriate/expatriate
  • Control the impacts on social security and taxes
  • Optimize your practice


Differentiate the seconded employee from other employees

  • Understand the definition of a seconded employee and its particularities: costs, bonuses and other salary elements
  • Know and implement administrative formalities and obligations
  • Control the impacts related to social security and taxes such as withholding tax in France and tax equalization

Master the notions of impatriation/expatriation

  • Define the impatriate/expatriate employee and his particularities
  • Control the impacts related to social security and taxes
  • Know the impatriate regime and translate it into payroll

Reconstitute the payslip of a seconded employee and an expatriate employee

  • Implementation

Set up a payroll statement

  • Case study

Certificate, diploma

Certificat de participation

Additional information

Payroll & HR Operations Manager dans le secteur financier et formateur depuis 10 ans au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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