DAP - Vocational Aptitude Diploma (Diplôme d'aptitude professionnelle)

Last update : 13.03.2023

General information

Adults who discover or rediscover a desire to learn a trade or a profession or change their professional prospects can obtain a Vocational Aptitude Diploma (DAP) through a sandwich course under an adult apprenticeship contract.

Please note that in the healthcare and social professions sector, the DAP Nursing Assistant is also available as on-the-job training.

Adults who work and who wish to gain a DAP for Administrative and commercial agents may attend the class of the first year DAP by way of evening classes.

The DAP provides access to the labour market as a qualified employee.

DAP through adult apprenticeship

All the professional training courses organised under an apprenticeship contract are accessible to adults. Applicants may contact the Vocational Guidance Service (Service d'orientation professionnelle) of the Employment agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi - ADEM-OP) for further details.

More information about the access requirements and structure of the adult apprenticeship.

Professions and Trades Organisation
(year from which an adult apprenticeship contract is possible / Specific language scheme)
Chamber of Employers / Ministry
with responsibility for the scheme
Agent administratif et commercial francophone, anglophone CC
Agent de voyages CC
Aide-soignant francophone MENJE
Assistant en pharmacie à partir de la 2e année CC
Auxiliaire de vie CC
Boucher-charcutier CdM
Boulanger-pâtissier francophone CdM
Carreleur francophone CdM
Carrossier CdM
Charpentier CdM
Coiffeur francophone CdM
Conseiller en vente francophone CC
Couvreur CdM
Cuisinier francophone CC
Débosseleur de véhicules automoteurs CdM
Décorateur CC
Dessinateur en bâtiment CC
Électricien francophone CdM
Électronicien en énergie CC
Électro-technologies - Nouveau 2022/2023 CC
Esthéticien francophone CdM
Ferblantier-zingueur CdM
Fleuriste CdM
Floriculteur CA
Gestionnaire qualifié en logistique francophone CC
Hôtelier-restaurateur CC
Informaticien qualifié CC
Installateur chauffage-sanitaire francophone CdM
Instructeur de la conduite automobile CdM
Instructeur de natation CdM
Maçon francophone CdM
Magasinier du secteur automobile CdM
Maraîcher CA
Marbrier-tailleur de pierres CdM
Mécanicien de mécanique générale CdM
Mécanicien d’usinage CC
Mécanicien industriel et de maintenance CC
Mécatronicien francophone CC
Mécatronicien agri-génie civil CdM
Mécatronicien d’autos et de motos francophone CdM
Mécatronicien de cycles CdM
Mécatronicien de véhicules utilitaires CdM
Mécatronicien en techniques de réfrigération CdM
Menuisier CdM
Opticien CdM
Parqueteur CdM
Pâtissier-chocolatier-confiseur-glacier francophone CdM
Peintre de véhicules automoteurs CdM
Peintre-décorateur francophone CdM
Pépiniériste-paysagiste CA
Plafonneur-façadier francophone CdM
Prothésiste dentaire CdM
Relieur CdM
Serrurier à partir de la 2e année CdM
Serveur de restaurant francophone CC
Smart materials CC
Traiteur à partir de la 2e année CdM
Vendeur en boucherie CdM
Vendeur en boulangerie-pâtisserie-confiserie CdM
Vendeur technique en optique CdM
Vendeur-retouche CC

Training can be done in the form of cross-border apprenticeship.

See "Grand-Ducal Regulation dated 4 August 2022" determining the professions and trades in the context of vocational training.

Cross-border apprenticeship is a vocational training course where the learner undergoes training in the workplace, under an apprenticeship contract, in an undertaking based in Luxembourg and the school training in an approved school in the Greater Region.

A written request must be submitted to the Vocational Training Service of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. Apprenticeship contracts may be concluded between 16 July and 1 November of any given year.

DAP Nursing Assistant - on-the-job training

On-the-job nursing assistant training is suitable for people with an employment contract in the care sector, who have a certain amount of work experience and have not had the opportunity to undertake the initial training. The 3-year training course leads to a Nursing Assistant DAP.

Applicants must:

  • have already worked for at least 2 500 hours in the care sector,
  • have at least a part-time contract,
  • obtain the agreement of their employer,
  • have gained a positive guidance decision at the end of the 5e class or have a recognised equivalent certification,
  • be ranked at the required level during the skills entry assessment.

An Admissions Committee ranks the applications and where necessary selects applicants. The registration process can be consulted on the Lycée Technique pour Professions de Santé website: www.ltps.lu

DAP Administrative and Commercial Agent - first-year class - evening classes

Evening classes are aimed at adults who work and who wish to gain a DAP Administrative and Commercial Agent.

For the evening classes, applicants must be at least 18 years old. They may contact the Lycée technique du centre (LTC) or the Lycée Mathias Adam (LYMA) regarding all the registration conditions.


First-year class DAP and first-year class DAP French-speaking scheme

  • Training at school by way of evening classes
    Classes for the first year DAP Administrative and Commercial Agent by way of evening classes are spread over 2 school years.
  • Work experience to be gained through the job performed within the undertaking. The assessment of modules within a training body should be carried out by the undertaking.

After successful completion of the classes of the first year of the DAP course, adults may attend the classes of the second and third years of the course under an adult apprenticeship contract.

DAP through validation of non-formal and informal learning

Anyone who is in employment and who can prove solid experience in relation to the diploma in question can initiate a process of validation of non-formal and informal learning to acquire a DAP.

More information about the VAE.


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