Non-formal education sector

Last update : 04.08.2023

General information

In an effort to improve quality in the contracted and non-contracted facilities operating in the non-formal education sector, the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth is increasing continuing training opportunities aimed at educational and non-educational staff employed by the education and care services, mini-crèches and youth services. In particular, this involves improving the current offer with regard to both quality and quantity, and providing access to this service free of charge.


The non-formal education sector facilities are awarded a certain number of "continuing training credits" and "professional support credits", which are calculated on the basis of the number of employees (full-time equivalent on a permanent contract).

These credits can be used towards continuing training modules or professional support modules that are part of a state-funded Continuing Training Programme. The National Youth Service (Service National de la Jeunesse - SNJ) is responsible for coordinating this programme.

Several continuing training agencies in the non-formal education sector contribute their expertise to the Continuing Training Programme. These agencies can demonstrate substantial experience in continuing training and have proven organisational skills. They must devise training modules, identify trainers and offer continuing training programmes according to the quality criteria determined in advance by the SNJ's continuing training committee.

There are two types of service:

  • Continuing training
    • Educational training: educational guidance, child and youth development, educational approaches and methods, the seven fields of action of the National Reference Framework on Non-formal Education
    • Non educational training: management and regulatory framework, health and safety at work.
  • Professional support
    • Collective team supervision
    • Individual coaching of managerial staff

In order to benefit from this system, each service must provide the number of full-time employees by sending a credit-award request form to the SNJ.


SNJ - Service national de la Jeunesse

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