COIP - Professional guidance and initiation courses (Cours d'orientation et d’initiation professionnelles)

Last update : 11.08.2023

General information

Guidance and professional initiation classes (Cours d’orientation et d’initiation professionnelles - COIP) enable young people to build a realistic career plan through meetings with managers who present their professions.

In addition to refresher courses on basic skills, training placements in companies allow young people to validate their career plans and gain some first-time professional experience. The COIP programme lasts for 1 year.

Young people being at least 18 years old

  • who do not meet the conditions to access the vocational regime of general secondary education (Enseignement secondaire général - ESG),
  • who do not have the required skills to enter the job market, or
  • who left school early,

can attend guidance and professional initiation classes (COIP) in order to re-enter the education and training system.

COIP allow the young person to:

  • prepare for working life,
  • move towards the vocational regime of general secondary education (ESG),
  • re-enter a lower level ESG class.

Practical and general education

COIP include:

  • a practical and vocational component (workshop and placements in companies),
  • a general education component delivered in modules.

They are organised into the following vocational fields:

  • agriculture, horticulture and the environment
  • food and cookery
  • food and pastry-making
  • construction
  • wood
  • hairdressing and personal care
  • electrical
  • clothing/sale
  • mechanics and automotive mechanics
  • metal
  • painting
  • food service and catering


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