Initiation and development training

Last update : 11.08.2023

General information

Job seekers registered with the Employment agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – ADEM) may attend training while they are unemployed, subject to availability, either free-of-charge or at a concessionary rate.


Initiation and upskilling training enables participants to improve their chances on the labour market. These courses are offered in sectors where jobs are available, or are tailored to personal needs.

They are:

  • made-to-measure training courses requested by an employer
  • training courses for specific sectors: (Crafts and Trades, Banking and Finance, Commerce, Construction, etc.). The ADEM can organise training courses at the request of a specific sector. They aim to cover the skills that future recruits will need to master.
  • training courses providing activation / guidance (Skill you up, Fit 4 JobStart, etc.)
  • language courses
  • cross-disciplinary courses (e.g. Fit4Project Management, etc.)
  • digital skills
  • training courses in partnership: the ADEM has entered into partnerships with the main training bodies. In the context of this collaboration, and subject to certain conditions, job seekers may enrol free of charge.

The ADEM employment service assists and advises job seekers in their job search. These training courses are among the supervision measures offered in order to improve their employability. Job seekers attend training courses on the recommendation of their employment counsellor, who is required to validate the job seeker's enrolment.


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