Support for acquiring
Luxembourgish nationality

Have your registration fees for the
examination and/or Luxembourgish language classes reimbursed
Last update : 15.01.2024

Reimbursement of registration fees

Subject to the conditions laid down in a Grand-Ducal Regulation, the State reimburses the cost of registering for:

  • the Luxembourgish language examination "Sproochentest Lëtzebuergesch" (registration fees of € 75);
  • an introductory course in Luxembourgish (at least 24 hours), covering oral expression and comprehension (up to € 750), in the context of an application to opt for Luxembourgish nationality by an adult who has been legally resident in the Grand Duchy for the past twenty years at least;
  • the other Luxembourgish language classes (up to € 750) attended by the applicant before signing the document requesting naturalisation or the declaration with a view to opting for or reclaiming Luxembourgish nationality.

All Luxembourgish language classes delivered by the Institut national des langues Luxembourg - INLL are recognised. Classes may also be organised by training providers whose syllabus has been approved by the Minister with responsibility for education.

Requests for reimbursement should be submitted using the pre-established form to the office in charge of Luxembourgish nationality (Service de la nationalité luxembourgeoise) at the Ministry of Justice.

Requests for reimbursement must include:

  • a receipt issued by the INLL or a copy of a bank transfer or deposit, for reimbursement of the cost of registering for the Luxembourgish language examination;
  • one or more receipts issued by the INLL and/or a training provider whose syllabus has been approved by the Minister with responsibility for education, for reimbursement of the cost of registering for Luxembourgish language classes. The number of hours of class attended and the amount paid must be indicated.

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