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Applying for co-funding for training

Private-sector companies which are legally established in the Grand Duchy and carry out their main business there can obtain financial support from the State for the training of their employees.

This support amounts to 15% (taxable) of the annual amount invested, and 35% (taxable) in respect of salary costs of participants meeting specific criteria regarding age and qualification. Investment in training is capped depending on the company's size.

The co-funding of training in companies is based on the training plan drawn up by the company, which it submits through its application for co-funding. The INFPC assists companies in the use of the aid scheme and processes applications for co-funding on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

Access the application for co-funding

A video tutorial and a simulator for calculating co-funding are available to provide you with a better understanding of the co-funding scheme.

More information on co-funding

Attend training on co-funding

Requesting the subsidy for learning Luxembourgish

The Luxembourg State supports companies in their training effort through another type of aid: the subsidy for learning Luxembourgish.

This subsidy aims to improve the integration of foreigners within companies by financing part of the costs of learning Luxembourgish.

More information on the subsidy for learning Luxembourgish

It should be noted that private individuals can also benefit from training support, which is available under certain conditions. This can take the form of special paid leave, organisation of working hours and specific financial aid.

More information on training support for private individuals

Receiving financial aid for apprenticeships

In order to encourage companies to take on apprentices, support is available to them subject to a number of criteria and conditions: the financial aid for the promotion of apprenticeships and the supplementary allowance for adult apprenticeships.

This support is open to any company established in Luxembourg, which is entitled to train apprentices and which has employed an apprentice on the basis of an apprenticeship contract or an adult apprenticeship contract.

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