Support for vocational training
of job seekers

Take a vocational training course and have part of the cost paid for
Last update : 08.08.2023


Vocational training provides an opportunity to acquire or enhance vocational skills linked to a particular profession, either in line with a current career or in a completely different sector.

Job seekers wanting to request support for vocational training must contact their personal counsellor at least eight weeks before the start of the training.

If the opinion is favourable, they will be given a strictly personal access code, valid for two months. Support must be applied for before the code expires.

Job seekers must pre-finance the total cost of the training.

Practical arrangements

The job seeker applies for support for vocational training online via (no authentication required).

During the online procedure, the job seeker uses the access code previously received from the ADEM, his/her national identification number, the name and address of the training provider, and detailed information about the training he/she wishes to attend.

The job seeker needs to have the required supporting documents in electronic form (pdf file or image), to submit when applying online: covering letter, detailed programme of the training, cost, duration, dates, etc.

Reply from the administration

After applying online via, the job seeker is informed by post whether the application has been accepted or refused.

If the application has been accepted, the job seeker has to enrol himself/herself for the training.

Reimbursement of part of the cost of the training

On completion of the vocational training, if the application for support has been approved, the job seeker may request partial reimbursement of the cost of the training from the ADEM; the amount corresponds to:

  • 75% of the cost of the vocational training, capped at the monthly amount of the minimum wage for non-qualified workers;
  • the remaining 25% may be reimbursed if the job seeker attests having succeeded in getting a job by presenting, within three months of completing the vocational training, a common-law employment contract (permanent or fixed-term) for a period of at least eighteen months.

As a rule, the duration of reimbursement may not exceed twelve months.

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