Last update : 10.08.2023


The skills audit is a tool included in Educational and vocational guidance, and comprises an assessment of an individual's knowledge, aptitudes and skills including his/her motivations, with the purpose of drawing up a career plan and/or planning a career change or training project.

The aim of a skills audit is to help individuals to:

  • analyse their career background,
  • self-assess their position in the labour environment,
  • prepare themselves for validation of non-formal or informal learning outcomes,
  • plan a career pathway.

Source: Cedefop, Glossary: Quality in Education and Training, 2011

Training providers

A number of institutional and private training providers are able to offer their expertise regarding the skills audit, and may be contacted for more information.

View the list of training providers that are members of the portal and offer a skills audit, listed by training domain.

View the list of training courses preparatory to a skills audit or assessment of professional experience.

Help with making a career change

Various assessment tests are available online to help you gain a better knowledge of your personal and professional profile and offer guidance in choosing a new career by providing you with an initial idea of your personal profile.

More information available on the website of the Educational and Vocational Guidance Centre (Maison de l'orientation).