Training leave
for staff representatives

Improving their economic, social and technical
knowledge as staff representatives
Last update : 15.03.2024

General information

Training leave may be requested by:

  • regular staff representatives,
  • substitute representatives, who are entitled to half the hours of training allowed for regular staff representatives,
  • health and safety representatives (délégués à la sécurité et à la santé), in order to attend courses to improve their knowledge of health and safety in the workplace,
  • equal opportunities officers (délégués à l'égalité), in order to attend courses to improve their economic, legal, social and psychological knowledge in connection with their mission.

Training leave is taken during normal working hours, and may be split up.

Training leave is considered equivalent to actual working hours and, as such:

  • may not be deducted from days of annual recreational leave,
  • must be taken into account when calculating the number of days of annual recreational leave,
  • is taken with no loss of remuneration.

The legal provisions relating to employment protection and social security remain applicable for the duration of the training leave.


The duration of training leave varies according to:

  • the number of staff on the company's payroll,
  • the type of mandate,
  • whether this is the first mandate or not.

Find out more about the number of hours of training leave


Representatives must follow the following stages:

  • select the preferred training course on the EST's website,
  • enrol online via (no authentication required),
  • download, sign and have the employer sign the employer's agreement document ("Accord signé par l’employeur").

Separate enrolment is required for each training course.

If the company has fewer than 150 employees, the EST gives the participant a reimbursement declaration (déclaration de remboursement) to pass on to the employer.

The employer sends this form, duly filled in and signed (by the employer and the staff representative having attended the course), to the EST.

The reimbursement covers the overall social charges (gross remuneration + employer's contributions).

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