CRE - Employment reintegration contract (Contrat de réinsertion-emploi)

Last update : 11.08.2023

General information

The Employment agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi - ADEM) can offer a job seeker and a private employer to enter into an employment reintegration contract (contrat de réinsertion-emploi - CRE), provided that the employer can provide a real prospect of employment at the end of the CRE.

This contract, which alternates practical and theoretical training, enables:

  • employers to pass on their experience and give a real job perspective to older job seekers or employees with a disability or with reduced capacity to work;
  • job seekers to put their abilities to use in a meaningful way, while acquiring new skills.


To be eligible for a CRE, the job seeker must have been registered with the ADEM for at least one month.

The CRE is concluded between the ADEM, the job seeker and the employer for a period of twelve months.

It may be entered into with job seekers:

  • aged 45 or older;
  • or in external redeployment;
  • or having the status of disabled worker.

Employers wishing to conclude such a CRE with a job seeker, must contact the ADEM's Employer Service and declare their vacancy.

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