Professions - Commerce, Property, HORECA, Transport

Last update : 11.03.2023

General information

Setting up a business in the Grand Duchy offers great career prospects, provided that you master the basic management techniques that are crucial to ensuring the success of your future company.

Training available at the House of Training in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce aims to promote a spirit of enterprise and helps people wanting to be self-employed to obtain the necessary business permit for the various trade-related professions in the broadest sense.

Training at the House of Training is for people with plans to work as or in:

  • Not specifically regulated
Property-related professions
  • Estate Agent
  • Property Developer
  • Property Administrator and Manager in a co-owner's association
Hotel, restaurant and café sector (HORECA)
  • Manager of a licensed or unlicensed drinking establishment
  • Manager of a restaurant and/or accommodation establishment
Transport professions
  • Road haulage and/or passenger transport