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General information

Many adults have not reached the level of the 5e class which they need to be able to achieve their personal and professional projects. The same is true for immigrants who do not have a recognised level of education or whose knowledge of languages is insufficient to join the training system in Luxembourg.

The 5e class is crucial for access to secondary education and vocational training. For all these people, adult training offers, via the back to school options, several schemes so that they can reach the level of the 5e class.

5e classes of classical secondary education (enseignement secondaire classique - ESC)

The 5e class of classical secondary education serves two purposes: it completes the lower cycle of education at a classical secondary school, and prepares pupils for the 4e class of classical education.

It is organised as daytime classes for one school year (2 semesters) for candidates who have a certified access to a 6e class of general education, or have completed the 6e class of classical education successfully, or on the basis of the applicant's dossier.

Candidates, who must be at least 17 years old, must constitute a pre-enrolment file and submit it to the ENAD.

5e classes of general secondary education (enseignement secondaire général - ESG)

5e guidance classes of general education
5e adaptation classes of general education
5e preparatory classes of general education
Guidance stream Pre-vocational stream

Classes accessible by back to school options

People who have not successfully completed the 5e class can attend evening or daytime classes or use blended learning. 5e classical classes, 5e G classes (basic/advanced level) and 5e AD classes are offered by:

School Classes Information page
5e classes
CNFPC - National Centre for Continuing Vocational Training
  • 5AD - Classes for young adults (>16 years of age)
Classes available
ENAD - National School for Adults
  • 5G (≥17 years of age) - Daytime classes
  • 5C - Daytime classes
Classes available
LGK - Lycée Guillaume Kroll
  • 5G - Evening classes
  • 5AD - Evening classes
Classes available
LN - Lycée du Nord
  • 5G - Evening classes
  • 5AD - Evening classes
Adult training
LTC - Lycée technique du Centre
  • 5G - Evening classes
  • 5G-FR* - Evening classes
  • 5AD - Evening classes
  • 5AD-FR* - Evening classes
  • *FR: French-language scheme
Evening classes
SFA - Department of Adult Education of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth
  • 5G and 5G-FR* - Daytime classes and blended learning
  • 5AD and 5AD-FR* - Daytime classes and blended learning
  • Integration classes
  • 5G-FR* integration - Daytime classes
  • 5AD-FR* integration - Daytime classes
  • *FR: French-language scheme
Back to school options

In terms of organisation, between 12 and 24 hours per week are offered over two semesters, from September to July.

At the end of the 5e class of general secondary education, on the basis of the level reached and the requirements of the training sought, there are five possible routes:

5e integration classes

Extra classes for newly-arrived pupils

A qualification and fluency in the Grand Duchy's languages are the prerequisites for an adult joining the host country's labour market sustainably. In the Grand Duchy, the 5e class is decisive for gaining access to the higher levels of secondary education and vocational training.

5e integration classes are intended more particularly for applicants for and beneficiaries of international protection and new arrivals who are fluent in English but not in the national languages. Different levels of 5e general classes are offered, with extra lessons in French or German, lessons in mathematics, lessons for developing digital skills, civic instruction, and guidance sessions.

A bridging class will also be available for those who wish to join the scheme in the course of the academic year.


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