Become an approved training provider

Last update : 16.04.2024

There are several types of training bodies authorised to deliver training in Luxembourg. Depending on their status, the legislation lays down specific conditions for them to be able to carry out the training activity.

Private training bodies

Private training bodies are subject to the rules of the right of establishment, and must hold a ministerial authorisation in order to carry out the training activity.

The authorisation to practise as a "manager of a continuing vocational training body" is strictly personal. It is issued in the name of the person concerned both for capital companies and partnerships by the Ministry of the Economy, upon the recommendation of the MENJE.

Each body must comply with the conditions for professional integrity and vocational qualifications required in order to carry out this activity.


In order to obtain the business permit as a manager of a continuing vocational training body, the application forms must be filled in and sent to:

Ministère de l’Économie - Direction générale PME et Entrepreneuriat

The following should be attached to the business permit application form:

  • a tax stamp of € 24 or copy of bank transfer
  • a copy of the articles of association,
  • the name of the company manager with signing authority (accompanied by his/her diplomas and proof of work experience, his/her criminal record and a declaration of non-bankruptcy made before a notary, if failing to reside in Luxembourg during the last five years).

Advice and assistance

House of Entrepreneurship - One-Stop Shop

Standard business permit

Not-for-profit associations and foundations

Private not-for-profit organisations (asbl), foundations and natural persons are individually approved, on request, by the minister responsible for vocational training.

The application is accepted in the form of a ministerial order stating that these types of providers have been approved as organisers of continuing vocational training courses.


These training bodies must:

  • send a letter addressed to the Minister of Education requesting specific approval for training,
  • attach their articles of association to this letter.

Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

Foreign training bodies

Foreign training bodies must be authorised to provide continuing vocational training in their country of origin.

They are therefore not subject to the approval application process required by Luxembourgish legislation, but to the laws applicable in their own country.

However, the process becomes compulsory if they decide to set up in Luxembourg.


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