Personal working time adjustment

Last update : 25.03.2024

General information

Employees working in a company with flexible working hours (flexitime) can ask for their working time being adjusted in order to make it easier for them to attend training courses.

Thanks to flexitime, which allows for flexible working time management, the employee can ask for his or her working hours and his or her daily working time to be adjusted, taking into account his or her personal convenience.

Working time should be adjusted in compliance with:

  • the requirements of the department and the justified wishes of other employees,
  • the legal limits for working time. Apart from legal exceptions, working time cannot exceed 10 hours per day or 48 hours per week,
  • pre-defined rules in the context of flexitime regulations.


There is no universal system for flexitime management. All that is proposed are recommendations to the partners involved in the management of flexitime regulations to meet learners' needs more effectively.

Flexitime regulations may mean that:

  • the management of working hour deficits noted with regard to the learners at the end of the reference period may be subject to specific solutions. In this case, the maximum deficit amount for each reference period can be increased for the employee undertaking training, and similarly the deadline for clearing the deficits can be extended,
  • core time during which learners must be present can be adjusted on an individual basis, according to their specific constraints,
  • the total range (start and end of working hours) including core and flexible time can be extended beyond the normal limits.

Refusal by the employer

As far as companies are concerned, it may be stipulated that those who:

  • either refuse to introduce a flexible adjustment of working time for learners,
  • or refuse to adjust hours in the way intended by this measure,

provide reasons for their refusal in terms of departmental needs or requirements for the efficient organisation of the company.

An internal corporate body may be set up in agreement with staff representatives in order to settle any disagreements relating to the assessment of the grounds cited in respect of flexitime.

Limits of the system

Departmental needs and requirements for the efficient organisation of the company may be used to oppose the employee's or staff representatives' request to benefit either individually or collectively from a flexitime system. It is therefore not an absolute right, but merely a possibility.


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