FutureSkills Initiative

Last update : 22.02.2023


ADEM aims to support employers and employees whose activities and required skills are or will be strongly transformed by digital or other disruptions.

Digitalization and automation are affecting all sectors of activity in Luxembourg and lead to radical transformation of companies, jobs and skills, to a significant extent and with unprecedented complexity. The proactive and strategic reskilling and upskilling of employees is the best possible response to these transformations.

This paradigm shift requires a common vision oriented towards the future demand of the market, a support mechanism for the companies, employees and job seekers most affected, as well as innovative tools to better support different skills initiatives.

Training and internship

As part of the "FutureSkills" training course, participants selected by the ADEM can strengthen and expand their core competencies and apply them in practice in order to make good use of the period of unemployment and to stay active.

The training is aimed at recipients of unemployment benefit who have at least a secondary school diploma (2ème), speak French and have a basic knowledge of Luxembourgish.

The participants must be motivated to acquire new skills and capable to take part in online training (e-learning).

The training part, which is carried out in cooperation with the House of Training of the Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center of the Chamber of Employees, lasts 3 months and includes skills development in the key areas:

  • Soft skills (communication, creativity, adaptability)
  • Digital skills (digitization, cooperation tool, etc.)
  • Project management skills
  • Further training in the office area or programming

The intensive training is followed by a six-month internship in the public sector (state, municipality, public institutions, etc.), during which the participants can perform different tasks: processing case files, analyses, research, communication, administration of websites...).

Throughout the measure, participants continue to actively seek work and remain available for the job market.

More information on FutureSkills Initiative on adem.lu


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