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off-the-shelf and custom-made course

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Support - Coaching, Training path management

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Luxembourg (All regions)

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About us

Based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Lëtzlaw Academy supports individuals and organisations in their training processes. Its services and catalogue aim to cover crucial and current topics in a stimulating and targeted manner, while keeping a dynamic vision, focused on the long term.

Its catalogue is constantly updated and evolving, and is based on the exchanges that Lëtzlaw Academy has with its clients, its expert trainers and the professional world in general. It is structured around key areas of business creation and management such as: companes law, labour law, human resources, management, project management, personal development and professional efficiency, etc.

Lëtzlaw Academy offers quality catalogue training sessions based on:

  • taking into account the latest news and trends in terms of regulations and best practices,
  • a partnercship with many professionals in Luxembourg,
  • a relationship and experience facilitated by direct contact with a training consultant,
  • a limited number of participants to allow each one to be an actor in his/her own development,
  • a short format, in principle half days, to guarantee the best possible assimilation by the participants,
  • face-to-face and/or distance learning methods in compliance with the health conditions in force.

We also offer tailor-made training, for example:

  • on the basis of the courses listed in the catalogue,
  • according to specific requests from organisations,
  • as part of individual coaching,
  • for team supervision on precise topics.

The entire offer is eligible for co-financing of in-company training.

The main objectives of Lëtzlaw Academy are a better individual employability and an optimised performance in the short, medium and long term for all.

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Teaching methods

Our teaching process alternates between different methods (lecture, discovery, demonstration, questioning, etc.) and techniques (application exercises, case studies, role-playing, experience sharing, knowledge test, personal action plan, etc.) depending on the number of participants and the subject, in order to optimise the assimilation of the content.

Training domains

Communication, Multimedia
Information Communication
Company management, Human resources
Finance, Insurance, Law
Banking and insurance
Tax law
Personal and professional development

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