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VAE for university diplomas - Bachelor's and Master's degrees

The validation of non-formal and informal learning (Validation des acquis de l'expérience - VAE) allows experience to be recognised with a view to accessing various Bachelor's or Master's levels of university studies.

VAE is for anyone, regardless of age, level of study or professional status. The prerequisite is to have completed at least 3 years or 5.000 hours of paid, unpaid or voluntary work with a direct link to the diploma in question, whether continuous or not.

To identify the diploma matching his/her experience in order to access the studies, the applicant is advised to consult the list of Bachelor's and Master's degrees issued by the University of Luxembourg.

Process to follow

Applicants must register online and submit their full application portfolio to the Studies and Student Life Service (Service des Etudes et de la Vie Etudiante - SEVE).

Validation requests for professional knowledge, experience or previously-completed higher education should be submitted to the Dean of the faculty in question over the course of the acAdemic year:

  • Before 1st December for possible admission for the summer semester;
  • Before 1st May for possible admission for the winter semester.

The request consists of a portfolio comprising the following items:

  • A cover letter specifying the training for which validation is requested,
  • A detailed CV,
  • Certificates for training courses attended,
  • Diplomas obtained and, in case of higher education accomplished abroad, any certificates of validation,
  • Certificates for continuing training activities,
  • Evidence of professional activities and experiences (length, type, jobs, employer reference etc.)

The request is examined by a panel whose members are appointed by the Chancellor, at the proposal of the Dean of the relevant faculty. The panel:

  • evaluates the application,
  • interviews the applicant,
  • as required, organizes a work role play and an assessment.

In the event that the validation request has been made to gain entry to a course of study leading to a Bachelor's or Master's, the panel will ensure that the request enables the student to meet the criteria for the granting of such a diploma by the University of Luxembourg. If the request has been made to gain entry to a course of study leading to a Bachelor's, the panel will ensure that the student's educational pathway is compatible with mobility requirements.

The panel will give the grounds for its decision in a written report, drawing on all of the information obtained before sending this report to the Dean. The latter will inform the applicant of the panel's decision in writing.

There is an option of requesting validation of higher education studies completed abroad.


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