Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation

Inter-company training

Who is the training for?

This certificate is designed

  • for professionals and students from all levels and degree programmes.
  • as additional activity compatible with full time employment and enrolment in a Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. programme.

Level reached



1,00 years(s)

Language(s) of service



The Certificate aims to provide a better understanding on the complex challenges, choices and trade-offs societies, organizations and individuals face as we reach the bio-physical limits of the carrying capacity of our planet. Participants will develop new knowledge, attitudes and skill sets to better act upon these challenges.


This certificate provides:

  • tools for social learning allowing participants to tap into the collective intelligence of diverse groups of stakeholders and experts on issues such as local water- and energy-production and consumption, waste and recycling issues, and affordable and sustainable housing and transport.
  • skills and knowledge to make better informed and more reflexive judgments on complex issues reacting to impacts of human activities on the environment, and to act as change agents as citizens and professionals.

Points covered

The courses give

  • an overview on most recent academic insights on alternative approaches to social organisation of technological and infrastructure development, material production and consumption, and scientific research effecting sustainable transformation of society.
  • insights into new forms of accountability of individuals and organisations for the use of scarce natural resources and energy and the role of measurement, indicator and reporting regimes in the information age and their role in effecting transformational change.

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