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Business Science Institute is a networked international academic organisation based at the Château de Wiltz in Luxembourg that organizes a true DBA for managers. We work with more than 100 international professors who have collectively supervised several hundred doctoral students and published thousands of articles and books duriing their careers. Our faculty team represents an international pool of highly experienced professors, who are available and committed to working with management practitioners on a broad range of topics.

Business Science Institute awards its doctoral students a Certificate of Research in Business Administration after 2 years and the Business Science Institute Executive DBA at the end of their thesis defense. Graduates are also awarded the DBA from the iaelyon School of Management - Université Jean Moulin, where they are enrolled within the scope of our partnership with this leading French University.

Our Mission: We make it possible for a diverse range of experienced managers from across the globe to access a doctoral degree programme taught and supervised by outstanding faculty for lasting personal and professional development and impact.

Our Vision: To be one of the main relevant international actors specialized in the specific field of DBA education, focusing on practice-oriented research & the creation of impact by new Doctors in Business Administration and a network of professors.

The creation of Business Science Institute was the result of an observation and a series of convictions:

Our observation: There is an unmet demand coming from experienced business managers who wish to pursue post-MBA intellectual activities, which major international higher education institutions have difficulty in providing.
Our convictions:
It is the duty of management professors to respond to the demands of managers and executives for personal and professional development by offering them a global perspective.
The interaction between managers and academics is a source of mutual enrichment.
Publications of all kinds should be valued, including books.
Business Science Institute's strategy is therefore to position the Institution within this niche, and to activate a unique network of international academic resources of the highest quality. This innovative strategy involves developing an approach underpinned by a range of perspectives and knowledge sources that can only arise from the deliberate encounter between the world of management practice and academia.L

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Teaching methods

The Executive DBA programme is organized into three separate phases:

Phase 1 is equally devoted to:

  • Core seminars focusing on the acquisition of knowledge and the methodologies available for research
  • The definition of your thesis topic, which in taking into account your preferences, should emerge over the course of the seminars and your discussions with professors.

Phase 2 is devoted to the initial stages in the writing of your thesis, a process that takes place under the supervision of a professor from Business Science Institute's Scientific Committee.

Phase 3 focuses on you writing up the final version of your thesis and the organisation of a mock defence to help you prepare for this important stage in your learning journey. Finally, you will defend your Executive DBA thesis duriing the Annual International Week held at Château de Wiltz (Luxembourg) during the last week in September.

Training domains

Company management, Human resources
Financial management
Human resources
Sales management
Finance, Insurance, Law
Banking and insurance
International trade
Quality, Security
Quality management

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