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Adult apprenticeship

Last update : 28.07.2017


Anyone over the age of 18 wanting to learn a trade or make a career change can participate in an adult apprenticeship. The scheme is open to both adults in employment and jobseekers registered with the Agency for the Development of Employment (Agence pour le Développement de l’Emploi – ADEM).

Apprenticeships for adults can lead to the following qualifications:

  • the Vocational Capacity Certificate (Certificat de capacité professionnelle – CCP);
  • the Vocational Aptitude Diploma (Diplôme d'aptitude professionnelle - DAP);
  • the Technician's Diploma (Diplôme de technicien - DT).

Adult apprenticeships are possible in all the trades and professions listed in the Grand-Ducal Regulation defining professions and trades in the context of vocational training; they take the form of sandwich courses.

Adult apprentices are paid the minimum social wage.

Source: Vocational Training Service of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.