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Weilan is Chinese for “sky blue” – a colour which reflects spaciousness and clarity of vision.

My company designs tailor made programmes to energise executives and managers who want to engage their teams and improve their performance. Weilan Coaching and Training provides managers with the skills and self-awareness necessary to understand and motivate their multicultural teams. Companies which invest in their top talent see measurable improvement in their ability to manage stress in a COVID 19 world.

What makes Weilan’s training programmes different? Training packages are delivered in English and French.
Leadership coaching is available in Mandarin Chinese.

Weilan specialises in Cultural Orientation Programmes for Living and Working in Luxembourg as well as culture specific trainings (Doing Business with the Chinese, French, USA). Team building trainings such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, or Everything DiSC are also highly effective ways to overcome the challenges of cross-cultural communication and move clients out of isolation into leadership roles.

For non-native English speakers, Weilan provides a 12-hour Public Speaking skills programme.

In response to the stress created by the COVID19 pandemic, Weilan also offers an inhouse online Resiliency and Stress Management programme – a series of workshops which gives participants the opportunity to develop their well-being over time.

Weilan’s Leadership Development Coaching Programme can be organised face to face and/or virtually. This 6-month programme includes 3 alignment meetings (pre-, midway and post coaching) with client, managers, Human Resources, and stakeholders. It includes access and debriefing to one of the following diagnostic tools: DiSC Workplace Profile, Agile EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Time Mastery and Active Listening profile.

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Teaching methods

Both face to face and online coachings accompanied by diagnostic testing (360, DiSC, etc.) upon request.
My personal coaching style combines a very American approach (emphasis on practical, measurable results) with an Asian sensitivity to harmony and face.

Workshops invariably include a wide range of activities to build self-awareness.

As a systemic coach, I am highly sensitive to energy and the importance of creating and holding a "safe space" for the sharing of perspectives and experiences.

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