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Europass is a unique reference tool which:

  • Documents qualifications and skills obtained regardless of when and where they were obtained;
  • Helps with job searching by facilitating communication between the jobseeker and the employer;
  • Facilitates mobility of those undertaking training and of employees;
  • Brings transparency to the transferability and recognition of qualifications at a European level.

Europass comprises five documents:

  • Europass-CV: Provides citizens with the option of presenting information on all
    of their qualifications and skills within a single template;
  • Europass-Mobility: Records periods of learning undertaken by the holder in a country other than their country of origin;
  • Europass-Diploma Supplement: Provides information on the level of education that the holder has reached in higher education;
  • Europass-Language Portfolio: Provides citizens with the ability to present their linguistic skills;
  • Europass-Certificate Supplement: Describes skills and qualifications corresponding
    to a vocational training certificate.

Decision No. 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council



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