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ECVET - European credit system for vocational education and training

Last update : 22.02.2016


Technical framework for transfer, validation and, where appropriate, accumulation of learning outcomes by individuals, to achieve a qualification. ecVeT tools and methodology comprise a description of qualifications in units of learning outcomes with associated points, a transfer and accumulation process and complementary documents such as learning agreements, transcripts of records and ecVeT users’ guides.

  • This framework aims to promote:
    • mobility of people undertaking training;
    • accumulation, transfer and validation of learning outcomes (either formal, non-formal or informal) acquired in different countries;
    • implementation of lifelong learning;
    • transparency of qualifications;
    • common trust and cooperation between providers of vocational training and education in europe.
  • ECVET is based on the description of qualifications in terms of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and/or competences), organised into transferable and accumulable learning units to which credit points are attached and registered in a personal transcript of learning outcomes.
Source: Cedefop (2014) "Terminology of European education and training policy: A selection of 130 key terms"