Training for MCC Master Coach Certification - ICF Level 3

Blended learning

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  • Coach professionel certifié PCC

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3 x 3 days-modules (72 hours)

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Being PCC Certified (ICF Level 2)


This course is dedicated for coaches certified ICF at PCC level, to prepare them for their MCC certification.
It uses interactive methods to increase awareness, ability to consider others' points of view, emotional intelligence and inclusion.
The training course sets up the conditions for participants to increase their creativity, and through the knowledge they acquire, to imprint their own personal style on their practice of the art of coaching.
This course adopts a supportive attitude through clear teaching objectives, solid relationship of trust, staying in presence and maintaining active listening, and evokes awareness and growth.
It embodies a learning mindset, providing and encouraging mutual critical feedback to develop assertiveness.

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Module 1: "Beyond Beliefs" - by Max Meulemans

  • Definition of "belief"
  • Characteristics of limiting and helping beliefs
  • Detecting limiting beliefs
  • Beliefs and ecology
  • Various processes for dealing with limiting beliefs

Module 2: "Coaching and the Enneagram" - by Georgios Bouronikos

  • Identification of basic typologies according to the 9 enneatypes
  • Behavioral characteristics of each enneatype
  • Communication styles of each enneatype
  • Identification of dominant emotions and exploration of internal processes and states through powerful questioning
  • Construction of the coach's and coachee's personality map
  • Various analysis and awareness processes

Module 3: "Coaching and Emotional Intelligence" - by Georgios Bouronikos

  • Definition of the concept of emotion
  • Description of emotional processes based on fundamental emotions
  • Developing skills for analyzing coachees' verbal and non-verbal behaviors in relation to the world of emotions
  • Verbal and non-verbal indicators of emotions
  • Analysis of the psychological processes of truthfulness and credibility
  • Ability to assess the coachee's truthfulness and credibility in order to support him/her in aligning with and achieving his/her goals
  • Use an effective interview model to explore and identify critical awareness-raising information.

Pedagogesch Methoden

An academic approach to taming your shadow side, limiting beliefs and emotional life.
Creative approach to the art of coaching through collective intelligence: hands-on experience, dynamic interaction and exchange between participants.


Participation in all modules and ongoing assessment
Multiple-choice questionnaire
Audio recording and transcription of two coaching interviews

Certificat, Diplom

Master Coach Certification - MCC par ICF (Level 3)


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Price: €2,925
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