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70 heures au total: cours en ligne de 60 heures et cours en face à face de 10 heures.

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In short, public relations can be defined as an administrative function that assesses public attitudes, identifies guidelines and the conduct of individuals or organizations in the pursuit of the public interest.

In the public relations course of Cursos 24 Horas, you will learn how institutions can create positive images of you using this area. Any self-respecting public body must care about its image.

If you want to learn how to change the face of a business, or if you are interested in speaking a language that directly affects different types of audiences, the PR course will be of great help.


  • Who are the public relations professionals and what they do.
  • The main social media that help the work of professionals in this field.
  • The importance of public opinion in public relations, among other equally important issues.


The main themes of the public relations course are:

Unit 1 - Public relations: a first approach
  • Understanding public relations
  • Obligations of the professional
  • Contemporary public relations
  • Public relations and their interfaces
  • Social media
Unit 2 - Theoretical foundation
  • Communication theory
  • Management theories
  • Public relations theory
  • History of the media
  • Public opinion theory
Unit 3 - Public relations in the organizational context
  • Organizational communication
  • Company X Public Relational Strategy
  • Visual communication
  • Organizational culture
Unit 4 - Public relations techniques
  • Theory of international relations
  • Sustainability and social development
  • Political and government advice
  • Ethics

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