Luxembourgish for sales

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

People who want to get a commercial job or improve their performance. Current sellers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. People living in Luxembourg who need to learn the language for sales.

Level reached

CECRL - Niveau A2


40,00 hours(s)

Conversation de 16h avec l'enseignant (pratique) + cours de 24h sur plateforme en ligne sur internet (théorie)

Language(s) of service



Niveau A2


  • To be able to greet customers, to inform customers about products and services, to be able to contact customers
  • Knowing how to introduce yourself, how to get in touch with customers, to initiate a conversation
  • Know how to talk about your work, commercial activities
  • Know how to explain the situations concerning products and services
  • To be able to answer questions about these subjects
  • To be able to communicate using a language adapted to the sales sector


  • Vocabulary to learn how to sell products and services
  • To practice the most important verbs and commercial expressions in a sales situation
  • Learn to communicate and exchange information in a simple way through basic sales techniques using auxiliary verbs and other verbs very common in present and future time
  • Understand customers questions and answers in a sales context
  • Be able to recognize the words of the sales language correctly, read and spell separate words or related expressions

Certificate, diploma

OHC ASBL Certificat

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