Alternative assets valuation oversight: real estate

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Market uncertainty, inflation, rising interest rates and pressure from governing bodies for additional regulation in the alternative investment sector such as real estate are some important elements which we believe will put an increasing emphasis on the requirement to have a strong and reliable fair valuation process for alternative assets. Going forward, general partners can expect investors, auditors and regulators to scrutinise their valuation estimation more closely.

PwC'Academy is pleased to offer this course designed to help participants navigate through the challenges associated with the RE valuation oversight. As a prerequisite, participants should have participated to the module "Alternative assets valuation techniques: real estate".

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand how a real estate valuation report is performed
  • know where to find key information
  • understand how to challenge key information
  • locate dedicated market data to benchmark real estate valuation parameters


  • Real property concepts and characteristics
  • Influencing factors on real estate values
  • Main valuation risks
  • Valuation review procedures from an audit perspective
  • Local and European market updates
  • Case study to apply the concepts presented during the training

Points covered

  • Accountants/administrators
  • Internal auditors dealing with real estate issues
  • Professionals of the financial sector dealing with real estate investments
  • Bankers and credit officers
  • Real estate investors and analysts
  • Current and future risk, valuation and portfolio managers
  • ManCo/AIFM coducting officers/directors in charge of risk & portfolio management
  • ManCo/AIFM board members

The completion of the module alternative assets valuation techniques: real estate is e prerequisite to access this module.

Additional information

This training is coordinated by Alexandre Goossens, Director, PwC Luxembourg and RICS member.

The training will be presented by PwC subject matter experts dealing with real estate valuation topics.

Alexandre joined PwC Luxembourg in September 2014 and is responsible for the Real Estate & Infrastructure Advisory services. Alexandre has been active in the real estate market having been both a consultant and a valuer and has gained a strong experience.
He also leads a team dedicated to the annual review of more than 2,000 assets in real estate, debt (backed by RE collaterals), infrastructure and forestry with an exposure on world markets and is managing an extensive real estate market database that covers all markets and all sectors.
Alexandre is responsible for the implementation of models and processes for the three key functions for fund management companies in the context of AIFMD (valuation, risk management, portfolio management).
He is also an active member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and is the lead instructor in real estate valuation.

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