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off-the-shelf and custom-made course

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Management and organisation consulting, Support - Coaching, Training course planning and design

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Belgium, France, Luxembourg (All regions)

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About us

Sigma Consulting is a consulting company specialized in the management of organizations.

Our mission is to support companies to increase the quality of service that their internal or external customers need. Our added value lies in the experience gained from our consultants, who provide a structuring methodological input necessary for the implementation of improvement processes allowing significant gains in terms of quality and productivity.

Our vocation is to support any organization in the exploration of the opportunities presented to it and in the control of the risks associated with them.
We are convinced that improved customer satisfaction, more motivated employees or better managed traceability provide highly strategic benefits for any organization.

For us, training is the first step in implementing quality and it is in this spirit that we have developed a high value-added offering, based on the main approaches and methodologies in the area of quality and service management which are ITIL, Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and DevOps.
All the courses in our catalogue are certifying and we have the following accreditation with the main international certification bodies:

  • PeopleCert (ITIL) Accredited Training Organization
  • DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) Accredited Training Partner
  • ILSSI (International Lean Six Sigma Institute) Accredited Training Organization

These accreditations, recognized throughout the world, validate our training expertise and enable our clients to strengthen their knowledge and skills through a proven educational content.

Teaching methods

Our courses are organized in the form of seminars combining theoretical aspects and practical work or in the form of workshops during which we practice a pedagogy based on the principles of Bloom's taxonomy (pedagogical model proposing a classification of the levels of acquisition of knowledge from the simplest to the most complex):

  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Valuation

In this end, we favor the following forms of learning:

  • knowledge, by studying the theoretical aspects of the programme,
  • understanding via quizz and intermediate questionnaires,
  • the application, through practical cases, of situations and serious games or simulations,
  • analysis, through mastery of methodologies, methods and tools,
  • synthesis, as part of a result-oriented approach,
  • assessment, through certifications issued by international accreditation bodies

Training domains

Company management, Human resources
Company management
Computer science, Telecommunications
Quality, Security

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