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Financial management Accounting

Last update : 25.06.2020


All management and accounting activities relating to the financing of a company, the use of its financial resources, the recording of its commercial transactions and to their translation into management areas.
Used for general financial management training.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation
Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Accounting (136)

       Accounting standard (46)

       Activity-based management

       Analytic accounting (7)

              Assessment of profitability

              Cost price (2)

              Costs (1)

       Chartered accountancy (2)

              Accounts audit (1)

              Accounts inspection (1)

       Foreign accounting

       General accounting (62)

              Balance sheet (7)

              Chart of accounts (4)

              Income statement (5)

              Inventory (1)

              Posting payroll charges (10)


Accounts consolidation (10)

Budgetary control (7)

       Budgetary management (4)

Company financing (19)

       Investment (8)

       Liquidity (7)

              International liquidity (2)

Financial analysis (22)

       Financial evaluation of a company (6)

       Financial ratio

       Statement of source and application of funds

Financial risk management (4)