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Sales management Purchase

Last update : 25.06.2020


To be used for global training courses in commercial management.

Formacode® training area - Thésaurus de l'offre de formation

Source: Centre INFFO, 2020

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Crm (22)

Customer satisfaction (20)

       After-sales services

       Developing a marketing sense (1)

Marketing (90)

       E-marketing (39)

       Marketing by sector (4)

              Industrial marketing

       Operational marketing (6)

              Direct marketing (4)

                     Direct mailing

              Market research

              Marketing mix (1)

              Product research

                     Product manager

       Strategic marketing (1)

              Brand management (1)

              Ethical marketing

Marketing strategy (11)

Publicity (4)

Purchasing (22)

       Marketing purchasing (1)

       Purchasing group

       Purchasing negotiations (3)

       Purchasing quality

       Supplier management (1)

       Sustainable procurement (5)

Sales administration (5)

       Following up outstanding accounts (2)

       Invoicing (1)

       Managing customer risk

       Sale price