Strengthen your Leadership: connecting and communicating with impact

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  • Understand the importance of purpose in leadership, and be clearer about their own purpose, what drives them;
  • Learn about state of the art theory and obtain tools and practice for connected communication and creating impact: connecting to oneself and others, creating a sense of safety, communicating with authenticity.


In the heavily connected, fast moving and complex world of today, effective leadership is no longer about the amount of formal authority someone has, nor is it about standing out or apart from the "followers".

At its heart, great leadership today is about the ability to connect: to oneself and one's purpose to start with. And on this basis to connect to others, to create a sense of common purpose, and a sense of safety, which is a prerequisite for complex problem solving, innovation, and high performance. Being connected to and clear about our purpose - be it our larger purpose in life or simply our purpose related to a simple, single, situation is the foundation for creating impact: it allows us to communicate with focus, clarity and simplicity.

Being in healthy connection to ourselves - at ease with ourselves - enables us to reach out to others easily; to speak not only the right words, but in the right way, with openness and authenticity, and reaching not only people's brains, but also their hearts. When we bring these elements together: purpose, connection, clarity and authenticity, then we can create true impact in our world: as leaders and co-workers in our organisations, and in our personal lives. This workshop - Strengthen your Leadership: connecting and communicating with impact - gives participants key insights and practical tools for transforming their leadership and for creating impact.

The workshop is highly interactive, giving participants not only state of the art theoretical models, but also hands-on learning practice in the safe environment of a workshop. For the sake of learning, participants will be asked to give as much of themselves as possible into the workshop, to dare to play... and to dare fail while playing. The concepts and exercises used in the workshop come from the world of leadership development, communication, vocal coaching and acting.

Expert: Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau, European Investment Bank.

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Participants are hereby informed that they are likely to appear on photographs taken at the event. These are intended to be published in print and/or digital media published by Maison Moderne.

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