Spring Boot: Java on the server site (C1644) - distance learning

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

Anyone wishing to develop dynamic, enterprise-class Web applications using Java on the server site. The objective of this course is learning how to use Java on the server site. We concentrate on the Spring Boot.


30,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



Successful completion of the module "Java crush course for programmers" (C1635E) or "Le langage Java: partie 1" (C1040) and "Le langage Java: partie 2" (C1041) or proof of equivalent certified knowledge.


  • Server site programming concept.
  • Installing and configuring Spring Boot. Basics of Maven.
  • MVC Architecture concept. Generating of an aplication.
  • Controllers, views, models in Spring Boot.
  • Thymeleaf.
  • Processing HTML forms.
  • Accessing Data with JPA.
  • Authentication and authorisation.


Le contenu est identique aux objectifs d'apprentissage pour cette formation.

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