Private Equity - Fundamentals of Fund Set Up and Structuring

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  • Mutual Funds Professionals willing to acquire substantial knowledge of the Private Equity fund administration and depositary activities.
  • Alternative Funds Professionals aiming at developing their understanding of Private Equity specifics in the fields of fund structuring and monitoring, valuation and performance calculation/attribution.
  • Other Professionals active in AIFMs, legal, audit and advisory firms etc. eager to benefit from an extensive overview of Private Equity business processes.


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The objectives of this training module are to provide participants with an overview of Luxembourg’s legal structures in Private Equity and to provide an explanation of the launch process.

For details relating to the Alternative Investment Managers Directive (AIFMD) please note that this information can now be found in the module "AIFMD- Understanding Fundamentals".


  • Building Blocks (I) & (II)
  • Structuring Fundamentals (I): Legal & Regulatory Flexibility
  • Structuring Fundamentals (II): Overview of Key Terms
  • Structuring Fundamentals (III): Investor & Investment Protection
  • Contract Fundamentals
  • Structuring Check List

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