Boost your creativity with Design Thinking

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

  • Service and product innovators, project managers, marketing team members, UX designers, learning facilitators, educators…
  • Coming from: corporates, start-ups, NGOs, public sector..
  • Eager to learn, experience, share, test!


12,00 hours(s)

The course is composed of 4 sessions online (each session 3h long, with the short break)

Language(s) of service



Design Thinking Fundamentals training (12h online course)

This 12 hours hands-on training will help you to understand the principles of Design Thinking, introduced by experienced service designers and facilitators working in the field.

Currently as other designers: we can’t wait to influence the shape of the new-normal. We hear a lot of hopes about more sustainable directions for public and private business but also a lot of fears about economical crisis coming. What will happen next? are you curious to look with us at various signals of change, insights from various industries and learn how to influence the situation with service design thinking?

Together, we will dive deeper into 6 selected tools applied in various stages of innovation process as well as practice competences that will enable you to facilitate design thinking process in your environment.

The course will be divided into 4 online sessions (3h each). We will work in plenary session and small groups, using videoconferencing software of Zoom.

During this 12-hours course you will improve the following skills:

  • Work on one of services related to the post-pandemic reality: how will it impact the way we will live?
  • Understand the needs of your end-users with tools of ethnographic user-research (observations, interviews)
  • Analyse the collected data and turn challenges into opportunities
  • How to boost your creativity and break the blocks you/your team face for structured idea generation (divergence/convergence tools)
  • How to go into early and fast prototyping, as well as testing methods that will help you reduce risks and accelerate organisational learning.
  • This is especially important if you are responsible for the introduction of new products/services in your organisation/team.


Session 1: Exploring Problem Space

  • How design thinking can help to generate mindful solution for the new normal?
  • Insight from various industries
  • Creativity in the Business
  • Discovery and Problem Definition
  • Understanding the user

Session 2: Exploring Solution Space

  • How to make sense of the collected data?
  • Ideas Generation tools
  • Co-creating value for your users

Session 3:

  • Prototyping Solutions and planning experiment
  • Testing with the users (online)
  • Fitness time (1h with Marcus Neal Fitness)

Session 4:

  • Business modelling
  • Creativity as a key competence of the future
  • Creative Problem Solving in business
  • Input from experts of various industries

Certificate, diploma

Certificate of attendance Art Square Lab

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