The Climate Fresk

Intra-company training

Who is the training for?

Anyone interested in the topic

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3,00 hours(s)

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All organizations are affected by climate change, directly or indirectly. However, it is difficult to talk about it. Indeed it is a complex subject, sometimes dividing, often boring.

The Climate Fresk is a workshop that is both fun and serious based on the IPCC's reports by relying on the collective intelligence of the participants.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Decipher information and scientific facts relating to climate change and identify unchecked claims in the context of discussions around climate change
  • Explain the cause and effect relationships between the different phenomena and mechanisms related to climate change
  • Identify action levers to fight against climate change in their personal, social or professional environment


A Climate Fresk workshop is 3-hour-long and divided in 4 phases:

  • UNDERSTANDING (1h30), the participants must collectively arrange 42 cards in the order of cause and effect and build the causal links
  • CREATIVITY (30 min) to ensure appropriation, anchoring and cohesion, participants are invited to agree on a title for the Fresk, color the arrows to freeze knowledge, decorate the Fresk for the appropriation and choose an impactful card
  • FEEDBACK (10 min): by the group or the facilitator. We review the different concepts and knowledge covered. The facilitator completes with information on the latest scientific advances, sources of information and order of magnitude (this information can be adapted to the sector of activity of the participants)
  • DEBRIEF (50 min), aims to share the emotions felt during the workshop and to use them to fuel an action plan both at individual and collective level (for example within of the company)

Points covered

  • Greenhouse Effect, Greenhouse gases (GHG), Radiative Forcing, the Water Cycle
  • the Anthropic Climate Change
  • the impacts of Climate Change and Extreme Weather
  • the Biodiversity crisis and runaway risks (feedback loops)
  • the impacts on our societies

Teaching methods

  • COLLABORATIVE: team-building
  • CREATIVE & VISUAL: remember the links between cause and effect
  • TRANSFORMATIVE: powerful lever for action
  • SIMPLE: 42 cards, markers, paper
  • SCIENTIFIC: based on IPCC reports
  • and FUN


No evaluation.

Participants should say after the workshop:

  • I learned something
  • We’ve done it!
  • Let’s move forward

Mode of organisation

The training is organised on request (from 6 people) on the site of your choice (Luxembourg and Greater Region)

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