Introduction to the Blockchain legal framework

Inter-company training

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All public


2,00 hours(s)

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Participants should have basic knowledge about the general legislative framework and the blockchain technology.


The participant will have acquired a fundamental understanding of the blockchain legal environment.

The participants will be able to:

  • Understand the general legal framework of blockchain in Luxembourg and the European Union
  • Understand the main points to take into account when using the blockchain or developing a project on the blockchain (or another DLT)
  • Understand the main legal risks associated with blockchain


The course gives a broad introduction to the legal framework around blockchain and guides the participants through an understanding of what is authorized, respectively regulated or prohibited when using the blockchain (in Luxembourg and in Europe).


  • Introduction and Definitions
  • EU Blockchain Strategy
  • Blockchain Laws I and II
  • Crypto Assets Regulation VASP MICAR co
  • Legal Implications of Smart Contracts
  • Digital Identity in Blockchain
  • Intellectual Property in Blockchain
  • Data Protection in Blockchain GDPR
  • Other legal implications to take into account

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

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