Commercial contracts (C3054) - Blended learning

Blended learning

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Anyone seeking to develop their general and professional knowledge required to apply for and take on senior positions in law firms and/or private sector companies. Versatile candidates, motivated to complete their legal training in order to promote their professional progress, are encouraged to sign in for this course. Any person having the intellectual curiosity to learn the mechanisms governing the functioning of one of the principal drivers of modern enterprises and vehicles connecting the global economy


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  • Becoming familiar with the legal environment of enterprises and the role of contracts therein.
  • Understanding the functioning of enterprises operating in a national, European and international context.
  • Mastering the general rules and structures underpinning contractual mechanisms, in particular vis-à-vis the pre-contractual negotiation phase, the formation, contents and effects of contract, and the pathology of contracts and compensation for damages.
  • Learning the general mechanisms governing the main contracts.
  • Measuring the scope of the contractual commitments entered by an enterprise.
  • Identifying (and minimizing) the main legal and financial risks faced by enterprises and
  • Reviewing the rationale and scope of the limits to contractual freedom imposed by the rules on consumer's protection and competition.


  • The legal environment of enterprises. Freedom of contracting.
    • Sources of contract law. Luxembourg, European and international sources.
    • International context and internationalization of contract.
  • General notions relating to contract law.
    • Pre-contractual negotiations.
    • Consent and formation of contract. Mistake (erreur), duress (violence), misrepresentation (dol).
  • Contents and effects of the contract.
    • Essential elements of the contract. Object of contract.
    • Non-essential elements of the contract. Condition and term.
    • Transmission of contract and of its effects.
  • Non-performance (inexécution) and contract's pathology.
    • Formal notice (mise en demeure), termination of contract and forced execution.
    • Compensation, damage claims (dommages-intérêts) and contractual liability.
    • Debt write-off (remise de la dette), extinctive prescription (prescription extinctive) and confusion.
  • Sales contract (contrat de vente). Formation and contents.
    • Obligations and guarantees under the sales contract.
    • International sale of goods.
  • Lease contract (contrat de bail). Formation and contents.
    • Commercial lease. Leasing (crédit-bail).
    • Distribution agreements. Licensing and franchising.
  • Financing contracts between banking and other funding sources.
    • Loan agreements (contrat de prêt). Formation and contents.
    • Opening of bank account. Credit cards.
  • Securities (sûretés) in general.
    • Pledge (contrat de gage) and mortgage (contrat d'hypothèque).
    • Fiduciary contract (fiducie-sûreté).
  • Services contract (contrat d'entreprise) and subcontracting (sous-traitance). Formation and contents.
    • Agency contract (contrat de mandat). Formation and contents.
    • Transport contract. Formation and contents.
  • Consumer protection.
    • The rules of competition.
    • Q&A session.

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