Agile requirement engineering (IREB®)

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Target audience

  • You are keen to learn the best practices in requirement engineering, or to deepen your skills in business analysis
  • You are a requirement engineer, product owner, business analyst, process analyst, functional analyst, process manager, or interested in understanding the value of professionally handling requirements in a project

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2,00 Dag(Deeg)

From 9 am till 5 pm

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Your expectations

  • You aim to successfully apply well-proven requirement engineering techniques in an Agile environment or you wish to improve your RE processes by applying techniques from the Agile approach
  • You want to understand the synergy between Requirements Engineering and Agile


  • Prepare for IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification


What will you learn?
  • The fundamentals of Agile (Product Owner, Product Backlog, Sprint, etc.)
  • The role and importance of Requirements Engineering in Agile processes as well as the value of agility in Requirements Engineering
  • How to select the right activities at the right time to ensure high quality requirements before they are to be implemented
  • The Classification and assessment of Requirements Engineering artefacts and techniques in the context of Agile and Agile artefacts and techniques in the context of Requirements Engineering

Certificat, Diplom

Preparation for IREB® RE@Agile Primer certification

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