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Better communicate to attract, captivate and convince

How to express your ideas and convince potential investors of their merits? How to write effectively, both online or offline, to increase your sales? How to create brand awareness on social networks? How do you tell your business, products or even data to captivate your audience? If you are faced with this type of problem, we have the pedagogical tools to help you answer it.

Tailor-made training for any type of business

Whether you are an independent, a start-up, an SME or a large company, we will teach you how to communicate better to attract, captivate and convince thanks to a series of tailor-made training courses.

  • Build compelling stories with high potential to connect with your target (storytelling)
  • Make your figures speak with striking visuals and an attractive scenario (data storytelling)
  • Develop your writing skills to sell better (copywriting)
  • Generate new customers through digital prospecting (commercial prospecting 3.0)
  • Communicate with media in the digital age
  • Manage your crisis communication
  • Control and improve your e-reputation
  • Strengthen your notoriety on social networks thanks to community management
  • Make your presentations and webinars unique
French language training based on a unique method

We also offer French lessons based on neurolanguage coaching (®). This language method, developed by Rachel Paling and for which we have obtained certification, is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It applies the principles of neuroscience and coaching to make language learning more motivating for learners. With this method, you can improve your knowledge of the French language faster, better and almost effortlessly.

Our courses are for all levels, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced learners.

At home, within your company or online

All our training courses can be delivered in English at home, within your company or online, individually or in groups.

Teaching methods

Our educational toolkit is like a Swiss army knife: multifunctional and suitable for all situations.

  • Ludopedagogy
  • Collaborative workshops
  • Immersive sessions
  • Debriefing of real-life activities
  • Sharing and analysis of practices
  • Feedback
  • Scenarios and role plays

We focus on fun, visuals and exchanges.

Training domains

Communication, Multimedia

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