Subsidies for learning Luxembourgish

Improving the integration of foreigners in the company
through Luxembourgish language learning
Last update : 10.03.2023

General information

The eligible expenses are:

  • trainer costs
  • costs for teaching materials

To receive the subsidies for learning Luxembourgish, companies must make use of the services of an approved training body.

The amount of the grant cannot be determined in advance since it is calculated according to the number of companies applying and the total amount of their expenditure.

This subsidy is not available to the self-employed.


The company must:

  • download and complete the application form and attach the required documents (copies of invoices with proofs op payment, attestation that the project does not already have alternative public co-funding, attendance sheets signed by the beneficiaries and the training body);
  • send the duly completed form with the required documents before the end of the calendar year, by e-mail or by post, to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy.
  • The company receives an acknowledgement of receipt which lists any missing documents.
  • The application form comprises:
    • the applicant's contact details,
    • a description of the project,
    • a detailed breakdown of the costs.


Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de l'Économie sociale et solidaire

26, rue Sainte Zithe
L-2763 Luxembourg