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The future of Learning - changing perspective in digital education for VET trainers


"THE FUTURE OF LEARNING - Changing Perspective in Digital Education for VET Trainers" is an initiative that aims to provide VET Teachers and trainers with high-quality tools and comprehensive knowledge that will enable them to plan, design and facilitate the distance, digital and inclusive education to all learners. The main three areas of interest that this initiative covers are: digital education, remote education and inclusive education.

The main objective of this initiative is to equip VET educators with useful materials and techniques that will boost their teaching performance, improve the learning process and equalize the chances of both learners and teachers. Furthermore, VET teachers will be presented with tips that will be useful in overcoming obstacles that people with disabilities may have to face in digital education. The desired outcome of this project is to create an inclusive and diverse learning community of learners and teachers who exchange their experiences and knowledge in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and in accordance with values such as inclusiveness and diversity. All of these objectives will be achieved by presenting various types of learning styles with the use of a special methodology.

Partners of the project conducted thorough research among the teachers and trainers working in the VET sector in Poland and Norway regarding digital learning. The results indicated many gaps and areas that need more attention, primarily related to unexpected changes in digitalisation, technology and exclusion. Furthermore, the outcome showed the need to develop the levels of digital competencies of the VET trainers. The initiative participants will also become familiar with topics such as enhancing relationships, engagement and maintaining motivation among VET students while teaching, cybersecurity, and the ways of improvisation while teaching.

These obtained results were used to develop specific guidelines and training to make it easier for VET educators to develop and facilitate online learning. Specifically, guidelines cover such topics as:

  • synchronous and asynchronous distance learning;
  • the tools available online to create distance learning, e-learning and blended learning; teaching methods and strategies for digital learning;
  • teaching methods and strategies for distance/remote learning;
  • online creative methods and strategies;
  • how to be an effective online facilitator;
  • how to make online learning inclusive/accessible – people with disabilities;
  • source evaluation, how to use information from the Internet, credibility of sources;
  • learning styles and strategies; factors that encourage and motivate VET learners;
  • how to build relationships;
  • how to reinforce engagement;
  • how to make your learners strong;
  • improvisation skills and cybersecurity.

On the other hand, training focuses mainly on subjects such as understanding diversity in online learning, identifying discrimination and cognitive and observable bias, implementing evaluation tools, diversifying the learning environment and working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

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