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Loans to Retail Clients - Fundamentals

8 hour(s)


After this course, you will have reviewed the various types of loans to retail clients, their characteristics and operating principles as well as any guarantees which may be attached to them. Furthermore, you will have carried out several exercises after which you will be in a position to assess what type of loan is best suited to your client and on what conditions (guarantees…) you can grant it. To achieve this, you will have analysed the following in detail:

  • The various types of loans to retail clients:
    • Current account loan (line of credit, cards, advances/overdrafts, cheques), the needs to which they respond and associated risks
    • Consumer loan, its characteristics and uses
    • Property loan, its characteristics and criteria for granting
    • Specific loans (fixed term advance, bank guarantee, Lombard loan and student loan) and their purpose
  • The various guarantees that may be required when a loan is granted:
    • Principal guarantee (intrinsic value of the applicant, value of the business)
    • Additional guarantees:
  • Real guarantees (mortgage, pledge), what they consist of, their type, characteristics and validity conditions
  • Personal guarantees (surety), their characteristics, the forms they may take and their validity conditions
  • Moral guarantees (undertaking not to transfer or mortgage, mortgage promise, mortgage mandate), what they consist of and any associated risks
  • Subsidiary guarantees (salary transfer, domiciliation of income, outstanding balance insurance, transfer of benefit of a life assurance policy, transfer of benefit of a fine insurance policy, CASCO insurance)


  • Introduction
  • Types of Loan
    • Current account loan
    • Line of credit; cards; advance/overdraft; cheques for payment vs direct loan
    • Consumer loan
    • Property loan
    • Specific loans
      • FTA; BG; Lombard loan/advance on securities; student loan
    • Personal guarantees
    • Real guarantees
      • mortgage; pledge
    • Additional guarantees
      • CPSI; insurance; transfer of salary; domiciliation of income; mortgage mandate
      • Moral guarantees
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