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Go-Mindful, Reimann Marianne 

About us

In Luxembourg, "Go-Mindful" is a network for the mindful economy. As an economist, I combine my special topics in economics and human resources sciences with my certified and long-standing practice of mindfulness, resilience, self-compassion and mental fitness. Especially in special times we have to listen!

Every person is different and every specific personal or operational situation requires individual and creative solutions.

While small or larger presence groups or supervision feel good for one context, only individually tailored professional coaching or support (life, online...) with great temporal flexibility in challenging life situations is appropriate for the other. I offer them a feel-good atmosphere. Trust, confidentiality and ethics are given special consideration in my work and are also contractually recorded.

The main topics of my work are in various programs in the practice of mindfulness as a meta-competence to increase personal and operational resilience and well-being:

Mindfulness-based interventions - stress management - healthy leadership - mental fitness

Personality development, personnel and organizational development

A selection of key topics:
Mindfulness in organizations, mindfulness in leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness to reduce stress and improve lifestyle habits (based on the MBSR method), mindful self-compassion (based on the Mindful Self-Compassion, Mindful Compassionate Living methods), Day of self-care, the pillars of resilience, working on beliefs, inner patterns and sabers (based on the Positive Intelligence Method). The mindful handling of pleasant and unpleasant emotions, perceiving more positive emotions with more positivity (e.g. through mindfulness in nature), mindful communication as a method of conflict resolution, the mindful handling of burnout and depression - demarcations. Mental fitness - team building according to the positive intelligence method.
External environmental analysis (stressor view) via analysis of internal stress drivers - create an individual and company health charter

Introduce train-the-trainer concepts, multiplier training, mindfulness as a meta-competence in a company

Systemic and process-oriented advice and support

More than 20 years of training, leadership and project management experience in various industries and countries (Germany, France, Switzerland, USA, Luxembourg) in the field of personnel and organizational development, management of a further education center for adult education. Half a decade "School of Life".

I work with an international qualified partner network as required.

Find out more about my work on my website.

Teaching methods

Meditationsanleitungen, Atemmeditationen und Atemübungen

  • Übungen zum Achtsamkeits-Yoga, Mindful Moves, bewusste Bewegung (hier geht es lediglich um bewusste und leichte Bewegung im Sinne der Achtsamkeitspraxis, nicht um aktiven Sport), Flowerfahrungen…
  • Bewusstseinsschulung, Schulung des Körperbewusstseins
  • Achtsamkeitsbasierte Selbstmitgefühls-Übungen
  • Geschichten und Poesie zur eigenen Reflexion
  • Selbsterfahrungs-/ Reflexionsübungen
  • Übungen in Dyaden oder kleinen Gruppen
  • Dialoge der achtsamen Kommunikation
  • Wissensvermittlung über Achtsamkeit und andere Themen der Gesundheitsförderung
  • Wissensvermittlung zu Themen wie kognitiver Stressbewältigung, achtsames Selbstmitgefühl, neurowissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse der Wirkungsweise der Achtsamkeit, Wissensvermittlung zu chronischem Stress, Burnout, Depression
  • wöchentliche Übungsskripte

Der Kurs verbindet praktische Übungen und Körpererfahrungen mit kognitiven und mentalen Übungen und setzt damit auf holistische Gesundheitsentwicklung.

Training domains

For more information on training domains, please see Glossary

Training-related activities

  • Management and organisation consulting
  • Training advice and services
  • Mediation
  • Training course planning and design
  • Skills audit
  • Training path management
  • Support - Coaching

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Responsibility for the content of this page lies solely with its author, Go-Mindful, Reimann Marianne, the training provider presented above.

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Practical information
Accreditation 10132241/1
Activity area Allemagne
Phone +352 621 170 122
Address 18, rue Jacques Santer
L-6139 Junglinster
Languages English, French, German, Luxemburgish
Organisation Alternating training, Conferences, e-learning, Inter-company training, Intra-company training, Self-directed learning
Type off-the-shelf and custom-made course
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