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Teacher of young children in Luxembourg, the reference web site in the training domain in Luxemburg

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Training titleDateCity
Moniteur pour la petite enfance 29/09/2020
(Other dates available)
Luxembourg Blended learning
Le développement du cerveau de l’enfant sous le prisme des neurosciences affectives et sociales 30/09/2020
(Other dates available)
  Blended learning
Varier les activités avec les champs d’action de l’éducation non formelle 09/10/2020
(Other dates available)
Kehlen Day
Approche scientifique de la pédagogie Montessori 12/10/2020 Howald Day
Comment les émotions peuvent-elles devenir les alliées de l’enfant? 14/10/2020   Blended learning
Accompagner le développement psychomoteur de l’enfant AVANT la marche 19/10/2020 Luxembourg Blended learning
Quelles alternatives aux punitions? 21/10/2020   Blended learning
Comprendre le développement psychomoteur de l’enfant APRES la marche 28/10/2020   Blended learning
L’importance des intelligences multiples 02/11/2020   Blended learning
Bien mener son entretien avec les parents pour mieux comprendre l'enfant 04/11/2020 Bertrange Day

Where do you want your training course to take place?

+ Bertrange
+ Contern
+ Goetzingen
+ Howald
+ Kehlen
+ Luxembourg
+ Luxembourg-Bonnevoie
+ Redange-sur-Attert
+ Soleuvre

Are you looking for a specific training body?


What is the duration of the training course you are looking for?

+ Duration to be defined according to customer needs
+ 1 day(s)
+ 2 day(s)
+ 2-5 day(s)
+ > 5 day(s)

What is the price range you are looking at?

+ ≤ 100 €
+ 100 € - 200 €
+ 200 € - 500 €
+ 500 € - 1500 €
+ > 1500 €

Are you looking for an off-the-shelf or a customised training course?

+ Off-the-shelf course
+ Off-the-shelf and custom-made course
+ Bespoke training

What type of teaching do you want?

+ Blended learning
+ e-learning
+ Inter and intra-company training
+ Intra-company training
+ Inter-company training

When do you want to start?

+ September 2020
+ October 2020
+ November 2020
+ December 2020
+ March 2021
+ April 2021
+ June 2021
+ Now

Do you want to take classes during the day, in the evening, or at the weekend?

+ Blended learning
+ Day
+ Week-end

What level do you want to reach?

+ Advanced
+ Beginner
+ Intermediate

What language do you want your training course to be in?

+ German
+ English
+ French
+ Luxemburgish
+ Portuguese

What word do you want to include or exclude?


Training providers 8
Results per page
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 Training provider nametrieAccreditationCity
Association Montessori LuxembourgAgréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 7 juin 2016Strassen
Hyphen Resources10076791/2Redange-sur-Attert
Invict Formation10072602/0Howald
JD & PARTNERS 10023474/5Bertrange
L'Île Aux Parents, Herickx Dominique00063022/2Goetzingen
LC ACADEMIE10054397/0Soleuvre
Office House CapellenAgréé par l'arrêté ministériel du 28 juin 2016Luxembourg

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