Usability and User Experience (UX) Testing – Summer 2023

Inter-company training

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Knowledge about key concepts in user experience (UX) is required, such as knowing how to distinguish key terms like user experience, usability, accessibility, and human-centered design.

As a starter, we offer the module "Crash Course: Key Concepts in User Experience (UX)".


  • Learners gain an in-depth understanding of usability and user experience (UX) testing with a variety of methods, such as usability testing, remote testing, heuristic analyses, conductingsurveys to test digital products, i.e. standardised usability and user experience questionnaires.
  • Learners gain experience in analysing usability and user experience data derived from testing and creating test reports.
  • ESCO occupations: 2519.7.5 ICT usability tester
    • selecting appropriate testing methods for their usability and UX testing
    • being able to plan, prepare, and perform usability and UX tests
    • performing formative and summative usability testing
    • report test findings and suggest appropriate actions
  • ESCO skills: measure usability, test for emotional / behavioural patterns, assess users' interactions, measure customer feedback, conduct quantitative research, report test findings, use methodologies of UCD


Testing is vital to understand whether users can use digital products and services. In this course, we cover fundamentals and advanced testing methods.

Certificate, diploma

DLH Certificate of Participation

Additional information

The module is part of the learning track "User Experience (UX): Human-Centered Design, Research, and Management".

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