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Who is the training for?

  • Cours de langue pour une bonne base de formation au niveau A1.
  • Pour les personnes intéressées à apprendre une nouvelle langue.
  • Travail, Voyage, Culture, Connaissance et intégration avec des gens du monde entier.

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CECRL - Niveau A1


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Hungarian is a unique language that stands out as very different from its Germanic and Slavic neighbors, due to its historical connection with the Magyars thousands of years ago. The Seven Chiefs of the Magyars (or Hungarians) were the chiefs of the Seven Tribes at the time of their arrival in the Carpathian Basin in 895 AD.

As a result, Hungary is known as the nation of horsemen. This love of horseback riding dates back to the nomadic and pastoral times of the ancient Hungarians in the Great Hungarian Plain. The traditions of popular culture still live on in many Hungarian villages.

Did you know?

The origin of goulash, a thick and hearty dish was (and still is) a very popular dish among shepherds in Hungary. They did it in a cast iron kettle suspended over an open fire in the fields. The shepherd is "Gulyás" in Hungarian, hence the name of this famous stew!


With our Hungarian course you can:

  • Make basic conversation and greetings
  • Tell the time
  • Count from 0 to 12
  • Talk about clothes and shopping
  • Order at the cafe
  • Talk about the house
  • Use phrases to travel and to the beach
  • Make simple requests, recommendations and apologies
  • Talk about what's going on
  • Describe the problems

Course content:

  • Numbers from 0 to 12
  • Time
  • What time is it?
  • In the House
  • To the beach
  • Clothes
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • How much does it cost?
  • At the Cafe - Part 1: Drinks
  • Can I - requests
  • Names - The bathroom
  • To have
  • Problems
  • Present Continuous for actions in progress
  • Information questions
  • I need
  • Verb: can
  • Excuses
  • Shows and concerts
  • Recommendations

Teaching methods

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Certificate, diploma

OHC ASBL Certificat

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