Debt funds: tax and regulatory impacts

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  • AIFM managers
  • Service providers

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1,30 hours(s)

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The private debt asset class has proven to be resilient in the light of war being returned to Europe's doorsteps, bringing new geopolitical shifts and new trade-related disruptions. This asset class is growing quickly in Europe. Private debt has always been a good diversification to traditional markets.

In close collaboration with PwC's subject matter experts, PwC's Academy has designed a debt funds training curriculum that accurately answers many questions around the structure and the administration of this product. It will help you better understand this specific private debt industry raising more and more capital and interests from investors.

This module covers more particularly the tax and regulatory aspects impacting the debt funds..

To complement your learning journey, discover our Debt funds training curriculum.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand and get more familiar with a complex tax topic;
  • dive into ATAD requirements and international tax matters.


  • Main regulatory considerations
  • Investors tax reporting
  • Main tax considerations
  • Structuring example

Certificate, diploma

An attendance certificate will be sent to participants.

Additional information

This training is sponsored by Nicolas Payet, Partner and coordinated by Pierre-Yves Thomas and Sosé Tadevosyan, respectively Director and Senior Manager at PwC Luxembourg

With an almost 2 decades long career as an auditor within PwC in both our Luxembourg and New-York offices, Nicolas is an expert of alternative investments funds. He is an active member of our integrated alternative investments department and our private debt funds leader.

Pierre-Yves is a director leading audit assignments on international clients operating in mutual funds, private equity and private debt sectors.
He is experienced within sustainable finance in private markets with a particular focus on private equity and private debt industries.

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