DASA DevOps Fundamentals Masterclass

Blended learning

Who is the training for?

Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management
Individuals whose role is touched by DevOps and continuous delivery, such as the following IT roles:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Product owners
  • Integration specialists
  • Operations managers
  • Incident & change managers
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators
  • Business managers
  • Automation architects
  • Enterprise architects

Level reached



21,00 hours(s)

Language(s) of service



Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Lean and ITSM principles is beneficial


Invest in your career, expand your DevOps repertoire, network and learn from the best, and upskill yourself to a DevOps expert. By the end of the Masterclass, you will be ready to adopt DevOps principles in your organization.

This includes being able to:

  • Define and discuss the key concepts and principles of DevOps.
  • Describe how DevOps relates to Lean and Agile methodologies.
  • Discuss the critical success factors for DevOps transformation.
  • Explain the concepts of test automation, infrastructure automation, and build and deployment automation.
  • Get insight into the various organizational DevOps models and architectures.
  • Give an explanation for the drivers responsible for the emergence of DevOps.
  • Identify how Cloud and Delivery pipeline automation optimize and accelerate the ways of working.
  • Know how teams can translate DevOps principles into tangible practices.
  • Learn about modern operations in a DevOps context.
  • Learn and apply the 6 DASA DevOps Principles.
  • List and explain the business benefits of DevOps and continuous delivery.
  • Understand the 4 Skills from the DASA Competence Framework: Courage, Teambuilding, Continuous Improvement, Leadership.
  • Understand the 8 Knowledge Areas from the DASA Competence Model: Business Value Optimization, Business Analysis, Architecture & Design, Programming, Continuous Delivery, Test Specification, Infrastructure Engineering, Security, Risk & Compliance.


DevOps Fundamentals is the starting point for anyone involved in an Agile and/or DevOps team. Improved workflows and faster deployment start with a core understanding of DevOps fundamentals by all team members.

The DASA DevOps Fundamentals Masterclass is the exciting new opportunity to become DevOps-ready in a short and intense period of time through instructor-led virtual training from renowned industry leaders. Following 10 lessons and self-study, you are ready to pass the exam, earning you the DASA DevOps Fundamentals-certified badge.

The Masterclass is a special program that leads to DASA DevOps Fundamentals Certification. Some of Europe’s renowned experts who experienced both the challenges and promise of DevOps will share their personal stories and learnings with you. All of our Masters are in charge of large corporate DevOps projects and teams. They support DASA’s philosophy and principles and will talk to you Live.

Take your DevOps knowledge and journeys to the next level with these personal stories and interactions.

Points covered

Session #1

Module 1 – Introduction session with all experts: 0.5 hrs
Module 2 – DevOps – The context, DevOps Evolution, Business benefits DevOps principles, Goals and measurements: 2.5 hrs

Session #2

Module 3 - DevOps for individuals: 2.5 hrs

Session #3

Module 4 - DevOps for Teams and Organizations - Part 1: 1 hrs
Module 4 - DevOps for Teams and Organizations - Part 2: 1.5 hrs

Session #4

Module 4 - DevOps for Teams and Organizations - Part 3: 1.5 hrs
Module 5 – DevOps Practices - Part 1 ITSM, Lean, Agile: 1.5 hrs

Session #5

Module 5 – DevOps Practices - Part 2 Architecture, CD & Automation: 2.5 hrs

Session #6

Module 5 – DevOps Practices - Part 3 Modern Infrastructure, Cloud, Operations: 2.5 hrs

Session #7

Module 6 - Next Steps: 1.5 hrs
Mock exams hints and tips: 1 hrs

Session #8

Review mock exam, exam preparation and course evaluation: 2.5 hrs

Teaching methods

Instructor-led virtual training
10 lessons and self-study


Exam Format:
  • Closed-book format
  • Web-Based
  • Participants may bring scratch paper

Questions: 40 multiple choice questions
Passing Score: 65%

Exam Duration:

60 minutes
15 minutes extra time for non-native english speakers.

Certificate, diploma

DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association) DevOps Fundamentals Certificate. The DASADevOps Fundamentals exams are delivered by APMG

Additional information

Courses you can take after this course include:

  • DASA DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale
  • DevOps Implementation
  • Practical DevOps and Continuous Delivery
  • The Phoenix Project Simulation Game
  • LITA Lean IT foundation

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