Croate - A1.1 du CECRL (LA-CRO-1 2023/2024)

Non-formal training

Who is the training for?

Tout adulte souhaitant développer ses compétences

Level reached

CEFRL - Level A1


30,00 unit(s) of 50 min

Language(s) of service



No previous knowledge required.


Understand short texts, use simple grammatical formulations, understand short dialogues about topics from everyday life, introduce yourself and talk about yourself, write simple sentences...


  • Oral expression
    • greeting and introduction
    • stating basic information about oneself
    • conducting simple conversations about everyday topics
    • pronunciation practice
  • Written expression
    • describing your daily activities
    • writing a short e-mail
    • searching for accommodation information
    • making a purchase
  • Reading comprehension
    • understanding simple texts
    • searching for information from the text

Certificate, diploma

Certificat de participation du MENJE (Condition : 70% de taux de participation)

Mode of organisation

Les inscriptions s'effectuent uniquement en ligne.

Additional information

The classes are taught by Bozica Potnar, a professor of Croatian language and literature with a master's degree from the University of Zagreb.

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